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The blind spots where are they...oh, there they are! A little off to the side of sight. Like usual. It’s filled in with an illusion-- pretty easy to pick out when trying to look at something detailed like this drawing. Thought it was fun to do so, when I was younger. But...after seeing that diagram of inside the eye, I figured out that the blind spots we all have while looking around the world are completely natural.

They exist 'cause of that ‘optic nerve’ thing, from what I remember.


So that means I’ll never see the natural truth no matter how hard I try because the gods didn’t design the eyes to allow them to see the complete truth. I’ll…never see the truth because I physically can’t. Which means I naturally create an illusion. Something fake. That I end up painting anyways.
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[Tanabata was an exciting time for Issun, for he spent it bouncing around Ryudoji Temple. Issei’s Japan was both familiar and strange, but the novel aspects only made Issun want to discover more.]

[Upon returning to Nippon, Issun is still riding on the excitement from his trip. He has been talking to the tree sprite Sakuya all day of his adventure in an entirely different world. Newly inspired, he lays out a wide blank sheet of parchment. He does not want to forget the new memories he made there, so he begins to draw them.]

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