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createswithink ([personal profile] createswithink) wrote2011-07-29 11:08 pm

[RL w/ Kefka] You say Tower, I say Can I Do the Save Point Glitch

[It really had just been another late summer day in Kamiki Village; the red sun had shone high, the northwest breeze had been lazy, and the mountains had protected the valley with generous shadow. Issun had decided to rest in this shade for the afternoon, and within seconds he had fallen asleep.

However, it is not in this shade where Issun finds himself when he wakes.

He can ask stupid questions like ‘where am I’, ‘what is this place’, and ‘how did I end up here’, but the pointlessness of them wastes time and breath. Wasting energy isn’t something he likes to do, so instead he surveys the dungeon. He looks around keenly not as an artist, but as someone who has traveled all over the dangerous wilderness. It’s not long before he relaxes and breaks into a grin.]

Piece of mochi.

[He sets down one pathway, eventually finding stairs. Mysterious places always have treasure; maybe he’ll discover some on the next floor!]

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