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[RL w/ Kefka] You say Tower, I say Can I Do the Save Point Glitch

[It really had just been another late summer day in Kamiki Village; the red sun had shone high, the northwest breeze had been lazy, and the mountains had protected the valley with generous shadow. Issun had decided to rest in this shade for the afternoon, and within seconds he had fallen asleep.

However, it is not in this shade where Issun finds himself when he wakes.

He can ask stupid questions like ‘where am I’, ‘what is this place’, and ‘how did I end up here’, but the pointlessness of them wastes time and breath. Wasting energy isn’t something he likes to do, so instead he surveys the dungeon. He looks around keenly not as an artist, but as someone who has traveled all over the dangerous wilderness. It’s not long before he relaxes and breaks into a grin.]

Piece of mochi.

[He sets down one pathway, eventually finding stairs. Mysterious places always have treasure; maybe he’ll discover some on the next floor!]

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[This part of the tower is abandoned, for now. Covered in red and black mottled stone, it is pricked by sunlight where it manages to pass through the thick clouds.]

[Here and there are jagged edges of building, pieces of mountain. And, slowly, something is stomping closer. Thunk. Thunk. THunk.]

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[It's huge. It's bright purple. It has large claws and teeth. It hasn't spotted Issun as it lumbers through, a small dragon riding on it's back and what looks like an out of control shrubbery with teeth following behind.]

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[The beasts have not. They are, instead, talking among themselves. Or, at least, the shrub is talking to the rest of them.]

I say, have we found the intruders yet? I'm starting to get a sunburn on my... [and it raises one tentacle to it's eyestalks.] ...arms. If we don't hurry, one of the others will get there first!

[The dragon snaps at the shrubbery beast, which harrumphs back up at it.] Hey, I desire their hot air balloon! You're just a scavenger.

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[As he goes, a pack of the small dragons runs past, snapping at the remains of a small bird that goes flying between them.]

[Then, two of the shrubbery beasts talking to each other in low tones, two tentacles looped together like hands held between humans.]

[And then, a convayer belt leading to a door.]

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[The door opens easily, letting Issun in. Inside, metallic bats hang from chains on the ceiling. They're all asleep.]

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[Normally, he could just take the opposite door out. However, there's also a small crack in the wall that he could fit into...]

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[So it does! It leads to a small room with two women and a ninja man. Both of the girls seem to be in the middle of undressing; the taller, darker one is putting on a sparkling blue cocktail dress, while the short, pale one is removing her obi. The shorter one's hair is hiding her face, while the taller one is a stern-faced beauty.]

[As for the guy, he's juggling knives.]

Is our shift soon? [He misses one knife, which thuds into the bench he's sitting on.]

from now on, brown = ninja, green = samurai, red = cocktail dress

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Yeah, yeah. [The tall one turns, exposing her back and--did one of those monsters try to take a bite out of her? There's scars everywhere.] It'll start when it starts. Topside'll probably take the hot air balloon twerps down.

There's nothing to do up here but build and be bored! [Ninja tugs the knife out of the bench a little stronger than he has to.] Unless he wants us to go clear out a town or something. Even getting stuck with latrine duty was more lively than this.

I thought you preferred the peace of latrine duty. [The samurai turns to the ninja, her hair still hiding her face.] Would you prefer to be a running target?
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/ruins issun's ogle party

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Lovely choices we all have. Die, work for that dickbag and become monsters or rot along with this world.

You've gotten grumpy with all these changes. I don't see what's the big deal. There's nothing to live for now anyway, so why not have fun as we go? Noriko, can you zip me up?

[The samurai, Noriko, zips the taller woman's dress up before removing her kimono and letting it drop to the floor. She's deathly pale, almost with a bluish tinge, and her movements are a little stiff as she grabs her hakama and socks from one of the free benches.] I don't know why we put up with your whining.

Someone has to work with Claudia on the palace side. We can't have you decomposing on the carpets!

Oh, hush, [Noriko says, but she certainly sounds amused as she turns away to continue dressing. And she's grinning, but she doesn't really have a choice about that because her face is a skull.]
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come on, issun, you have all these undead naked girls

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[And back to where the robots are napping! The two doors are still waiting.]

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[Nope! They don't notice.]

[Meanwhile, this new area is all steel and sharp corners. There are some huge, fat monsters sitting around in here, playing games with dice.]