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[RL w/ Rika ]

[ It's been only about a month since everything has settled down in the world from the aftermath of the curse. Curious how he considered himself lucky for the opportunity to visit another world under a strange phenomenon of its own. Yet, it's always a good thing to visit another world- to experience it rather than to simply see new places through video. This coupled with an afternoon drink with a girl made him thank whatever luck he has with this community. He's certain he would trade a virus for another opportunity like this.

That's not to say he actually knows where he's going. The most he knows is that relative to his world this one's in the future. It's not surprising that he lingers by the shrine, as that structure is the most familiar thing to him. Pale and dressed in a dark traveling yukaka, he looks very much the traditionalist, a true spirit as he stands under the weather-worn torii. ]
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[ Today, Rika called in sick from school. Well at least conveyed to Satoko that she wanted to stay home that day. However one of the reasons was because of company hoping over to Hinamizawa and the other was because she wanted enjoy wine with someone. This is probably due to the Golden Apple's influence, but who knows.

She'll wait outside of the house with a solemn smile as she studies the quiet surroundings. The girl could never be sure when she'll be killed. ]
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[ So he really did come like he said. That made her feel more relaxed. ]

Yes, indeed. I wish I can tell my friends about this, but they would never believe me. After all, I'm but a small 'kid'.
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lsdjf sorry for lateness

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Yes, the human mind requires proof before going about to solve the problem. It's hard to find any proof when I do not even know who my attacker is. I still have hope, if only a tiny bit.
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It will most likely be in the far future--
Beyond my time I guess, unless I live for centuries. Now that's a laugh.
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Hoh? You really think so?
I feel that it's my fault that my friends are caught up in my struggles.
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I wish I can believe that.