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Well, Kefka's actions as a god are in line with what's known about the FFVI goddesses...which. Isn't much. (From what's in game, they basically dicked around with everyone, turned some people into monsters and made them fight for fun until they got bored and turned themselves to stone. The destruction was so bad that the prologue said it was a "charred husk" that's still recovering 1000 years later. Right after the gods disappeared, most of the people with god-magic powers got killed off so they couldn't continue that legacy.) So, by those standards, committing something heinous would probably pertain to doing good, selfless deeds or ditching magic. [It's a good example!]

Given God!Kefka's musings at the end of the game, which switch between his human sadism and a more serene "all things will die and nothing matters, I just need to wait everyone out" line, there's a possibility he could get...I'm not sure what. More of a balanced, natural god than one of messing everyone up? But since it's heavily implied that him being around is killing the world, it's probably a good thing he gets killed before things got worse. what was the point of this paragraph

I think, for now, I'll say that he can see her true form, but it's painful for him to look at her/hear her/etc. Her goodness and happiness are painful to him, a god taking out his misery on everything else. omg that such a pretty version of her theme oAo Have you heard Dancing Mad?

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