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//-.-// Hehe, thanks.

Well, Kefka's a god now--and gods come in all flavors, even the Japanese ones. Death itself is not considered evil (as it's part of nature); however, it is thought of as 'impure'. Aaaaatttt the same time, gods can 'fall from grace' so to speak, if they defile themselves by committing something heinous. [Like you probably already know, in Susano-O's case this happened literally--he was kicked out of heaven and stripped of some of his divinity for throwing a skinned horse at his sister. Afterwards he had to repay his offense with penance and good deeds (the most famous one is that he slayed the dragon Orochi) before returning to godhood. /bricked for retelling overused story]

Yeah...I think with how FFVI's world works it's best to sit with what you think he'll be able to see/not see. I haven't played FFVI, yet it has my favorite soundtrack out of all the FFs. asdfghjkl; Terra’s theme..

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