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createswithink ([personal profile] createswithink) wrote2011-12-03 12:26 am

[RL w/ Natsume]

[ Arctic and dark cannot even begin to describe Yoshpet, the dark forest of Ezo, the “consuming forest”. Dangerous chips of ice fall to the ground from the tops of leafless trees, and the winding paths through this barren labyrinth are known only by a few. Much more than the mind may become lost under the frozen branches. Yet, there are some clearings where the sky can be seen and the quiet peace of snow falling can be appreciated. Worn grave markers line some trees here; no doubt, this has been the final resting place for many weary travelers.

It is in one of these clearing that that white wolf sits underneath icy branches, her head resting on her paws. With fur so white and pure, the snow around her seems tainted and grey. Hovering over her back a great mirror spins as lazily as the earth. There’s a young man sitting next to her, talking to her about nothing in particular, seemingly oblivious to the frigid air. It's not often they stay seated for so long. As they wait for the human boy from the other world to appear, the moment is not thought as wasteful, but quiet--as much as it can be between these two. Enjoyable.]

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