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[RL w/ Natsume]

[ Arctic and dark cannot even begin to describe Yoshpet, the dark forest of Ezo, the “consuming forest”. Dangerous chips of ice fall to the ground from the tops of leafless trees, and the winding paths through this barren labyrinth are known only by a few. Much more than the mind may become lost under the frozen branches. Yet, there are some clearings where the sky can be seen and the quiet peace of snow falling can be appreciated. Worn grave markers line some trees here; no doubt, this has been the final resting place for many weary travelers.

It is in one of these clearing that that white wolf sits underneath icy branches, her head resting on her paws. With fur so white and pure, the snow around her seems tainted and grey. Hovering over her back a great mirror spins as lazily as the earth. There’s a young man sitting next to her, talking to her about nothing in particular, seemingly oblivious to the frigid air. It's not often they stay seated for so long. As they wait for the human boy from the other world to appear, the moment is not thought as wasteful, but quiet--as much as it can be between these two. Enjoyable.]

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[ After so long of not being able to get here, Natsume had finally managed to secure a worldhop and not be nearly-dying at home long enough to make it to this world. He felt bad for keeping something that belonged to Issun for so long, especially when he knew it was only a mistake that he'd had it in the first place. But now... he would be able to make things right. After he'd managed to get there, it wasn't quite in the right place at first... but it wasn't long before he spotted the wolf and Issun.

For a moment he stood there, staring, as though captured by how calm and beautiful the picture he was seeing seemed, even if it was bright enough to almost hurt his eyes with just the snow. He drew one hand up to shade over his eyes, then kept walking toward them, raising his voice a bit. ]


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[ Natsume gave a small smile back, waving, though his eyes kept flickering to the wolf every other moment. Natsume liked to look at things, even if he knew it was probably rude. He mentally scolded himself then forced himself to keep his eyes on Issun. ]

It's about time, huh? I'm sorry I took so long.

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[ Oh he'll notice. Just. A little delayed.

First though, giant wolf walking toward him. He notices the flowers briefly, then smiles. ]

You kind of reminds me of Sensei, if he weren't.. Sensei. I'm Takashi Natsume. [ There's really no other word for it. Natsume watches. He kind of wants to know if she's soft but it's really bad to pet Gods isn't it? That would just be... He'd probably get cursed. He'd definitely get cursed, it's a bad idea. He looks over at Issun.


Wait. ]

When did you get so tall?!

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[ Natsume looks surprised as he's nudged into petting, then smiles softly and lightly pets her. He loves soft things, especially petting them. Like Sensei or real kitties. And apparently Amaterasu. He was probably going to keep petting her as long as she kept her head there, too. ]

I was wondering why I hadn't seen you around in a while... Everything's going well then?

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[ Natsume could see the red stripes, but emotionally, he wasn't stable enough to see her mirror. Natsume's going to go for trying to scratch lightly behind her ears now too. (Do gods like that kind of thing? One way to find out.)

Natsume nodded. ]

I'm glad you've almost made it through safely. It'd be better to finish it with your name, right?

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[ Natsume lets his hand drop as Amaterasu moves away, then looks back at Issun before glancing down while he reaches behind him to take the Book of Friends out from the bag he has specially for it, hidden underneath his shirt.

Natsume takes a few steps back and holds the Book of Friends out in front of him, flat on his two hands. He closes his eyes and the pages begin to rapidly turn on their own until one sheet stands straight up. Natsume opens his eyes halfway and removes the sheet from the Book, closing it and tucking it under his arm. He folds the sheet in half and puts it in his mouth, then claps his hands together, forcefully, while taking a deep breath.

Natsume's eyes close again as he tilts his head back breathes out in a huge whiff around the page and the characters begin to flutter off and out, everything around Issun and Natsume seeming to clear and silence falls as the characters of Issun's name spiral and swarm back into Issun's body. Natsume stands there with his eyes closed for a few moments while it happens, probably picking up a couple of memories of Issun actually writing the name in there, but nothing exciting. ]

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[ Natsume nods. He looks a little more tired right now. Having to return a name in another world was a little more tiring than usual, though he wasn't quite sure why. Maybe it had just been a long day. ]

You're welcome. [ Natsume performs a small bow to Amaterasu and Issun. ] Thanks for having me, I'm sorry for keeping that for so long.

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[ Natsume nods. ] I'm glad to give it back.