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Procrastinating is awesome okay

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So did I win the bet?
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Is that... supposed to be...?!
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The makeup makes it look like...
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Making him look like a girl doesn't make it alright!
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Wait, I wasn't... I mean...

... Nevermind.
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What's it about?
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Ach, right... That's what he was wearing.

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The bet is yours, Issun!

[and now there is some incoherent eeeeeeeee and flailing goin on over dat picture]

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[who remembers at this point, he could probably just make something up] But of course! It's gorgeous! Just look at those colors!

[<333 8D]

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Some of them are, some of them aren't. Paint chips off the robots easily...

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AS soon as I get a worldhop. A set of four paintbrushes, one Cure staff, one Mini rod, a cat's hood and a pair of earrings, right?

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Nothing's cursed! Cursed items are too valuable to give away!

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Do you want me to label the brushes?