createswithink: (called it)
createswithink ([personal profile] createswithink) wrote2011-08-22 07:21 pm

RL with Harumi

[The modern world is astounding. Dirtier and less green, true, but Issun see the innovations of technology as testament to latent human ingenuity.

That is to say, it's about damn time they started doing something with their brains.

Taking in his surroundings while waiting for Harumi to invite him into where she lived is not at all unpleasant. It gives him time to wonder what this experience will be like. He honestly has no idea what this 'anime' is about, other than that Harumi appears to be absolutey is obsessed with it. Issun's pretty sure that's a good thing. Art is art, and at the very least he is looking forward to see how much art has changed through the history of Japan. All he does knows is that he is out of ink and art supplies, with plenty of time to explore other forms of creativity and entertainment.]

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