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RL with Harumi

[The modern world is astounding. Dirtier and less green, true, but Issun see the innovations of technology as testament to latent human ingenuity.

That is to say, it's about damn time they started doing something with their brains.

Taking in his surroundings while waiting for Harumi to invite him into where she lived is not at all unpleasant. It gives him time to wonder what this experience will be like. He honestly has no idea what this 'anime' is about, other than that Harumi appears to be absolutey is obsessed with it. Issun's pretty sure that's a good thing. Art is art, and at the very least he is looking forward to see how much art has changed through the history of Japan. All he does knows is that he is out of ink and art supplies, with plenty of time to explore other forms of creativity and entertainment.]

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[ Harumi's busy at the moment! On her cell phone. Because Chiri's threatening to come over at the moment. ] I'll work on it! I'm following the schedule, you can check up on me tomorrow. Okay, bye. [ Okay she hangs up, then is gonna look around for Issun. 'Cept he's all tiny so she's having trouble finding him, even though she knows it's the meeting time. ]

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[ HARUMI JUST STARES LIKE FUCKING GHANDI JUST KICKED HER DOOR IN HOLDING A M60. Her face is so shocked it required capital letters. ]

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[ Oh not just that. If he looks away for even a second, they'll probably be different when he looks back. ] You should've tapped at the window! I need a door!

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Chiri'll kill me if I try to tell her that the reason my door is broken is because a perverted fairy decided to come in because not having a door isn't proper! [ Nope, not her parents. Her best friend. :'D Probably not even exagerrating. ] But, I don't want to fix it right now either so let's get started.

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Okay, what genre do you want to start with? [ She goes for a pile of anime that she picked out to watch. We wont' have enough time for all of it today, but we can at least get through some.

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...How about fighting and magic? [ LISTEN she loves Yes PreCure5, they're watching that if she gets to choose. She's gonna take the disc for it and put it in the DVD player under her tv! ]

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[ And then the disc menu appears on the screen! Like MAGIC! ]

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There are little grooves on the disc and there's a laserbeam inside of the dvd player that reflects on the grooves, then the dvd player reads those reflections and then blamo! TV.

I think.

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[ that's actually how they work.. sort of. I don't remember how it reads them, but they're literally burnt on with lasers. That's why it's called burning a CD! ]

You're just mad that you don't understand our high tech society! [ Psh what. ]

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It's not like I'm an expert on technology! There'd be too much to learn anyway.

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Uh huh. [ A siiiigh and she puts the disc in, then backs up and grabs the remote, leaning back against her bed on the floor. ]

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[ She presses play, then gets up. ] I'll be right back, I'm going to make some tea! I'll... get a teaspoon or something, for you.

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You know, some anime actually have warnings at the beginning to keep the lights on and sit away from the television so that you don't get seizures.

[ A pause. ]

I usually ignore them though.

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No, but people have before!

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I don't think with this one though.

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They save all of the blinking for off screen!

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Do you count how often you blink?

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I try to only blink when no one else is watching.

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If people think you never blink then you can creep them out.

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Most people just don't pay attention to that.

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Okay well just ignore it now then.