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createswithink ([personal profile] createswithink) wrote2011-08-13 11:13 pm

Inner Thoughts Virus [Accidental Handwritten Post] (shaddup it's still the 13th here)

The blind spots where are they...oh, there they are! A little off to the side of sight. Like usual. It’s filled in with an illusion-- pretty easy to pick out when trying to look at something detailed like this drawing. Thought it was fun to do so, when I was younger. But...after seeing that diagram of inside the eye, I figured out that the blind spots we all have while looking around the world are completely natural.

They exist 'cause of that ‘optic nerve’ thing, from what I remember.


So that means I’ll never see the natural truth no matter how hard I try because the gods didn’t design the eyes to allow them to see the complete truth. I’ll…never see the truth because I physically can’t. Which means I naturally create an illusion. Something fake. That I end up painting anyways.

So my drawing…
That’s an illusion.
If I paint what I really can see, this is the truth:

I dunno. But...I guess that’s fine. Just makes things harder. But what does that mean? What were the gods thinking? I don’t understand.

Or maybe is it that a part of truth has gotta include illusion? Am I just missing something here?

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